The microbiota in human health
and well being.

A game changer for health, pharmaceutical and food industries, a promise to bring new discoveries to tomorrow' market, to join forces for the development of new products and components, prognostics and diagnostics, a great opportunity to contribute to improving human health and well-being


MGP has developed a center of excellence in Human Intestinal Metagenomics dedicated to translational research needs of the medical, academic and industrial communities and brings together several know-how and expertise gathered into 4 scientific platforms accompanied by an ethical center

Major fields of application

With the aim of enabling discoveries of the roles of the gut microbiome in human health and disease, MGP research projects lead to the translation of the recent discoveries into applications in nutrition, prevention and therapeutics and improve human health and well-being through innovative strategies to restore homeostasis of gut microbial communities.




Collaboration with industrial actors is the key factor for Metagenopolis as the driving force for the translation of our discoveries,  into health-related products and services ; to identify and fully address leads towards future industrial applications ; to help design and conduct scientific projects towards applications





The Micalis is a joint research unit run (unite mixte de recherche, UMR) by the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and AgroParisTech (the Paris institute of Technology for Life, Food, and Environmental Sciences...                                                                                                                               



Among the Future Investments initiatives, one was specifically targeted towards research in human health. Several hospital-university institutes have been selected, including ICAN which is headed by Dr. Karine Clément, Professor of Nutrition at UPMC...                                                                                          



The Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy) is a private university of 12,500 students, recognized by the French state and member of the PRES/Université de Lyon. It is made up of five faculties and 20 research and education bodies, among which the Interdisciplinary Centre...